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Navickas Consulting, LLC is an innovative marketing consulting firm led by modern entrepreneurs who work to lift up their communities by providing business solutions. We're good at bringing customers to your physical and digital door step, and we love doing it over and over again. 

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The team behind Navickas Consulting, LLC focuses on strategic and creative utilization of technology to provide solutions to complex business related problems and help small and medium size businesses reach their full potential.


As a modern young firm, we work with local, national and international businesses. So far, here are our accomplishments:


Clients served


Cups of coffee drunk


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Marketing consulting sessions held


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At Navickas Consulting, we prioritize customer service. Here is what people have to say about working with our founder, Augustinas:

"I had an opportunity to exploit Augustinas' skills for my business, Feral Note Studios, a music production and recording studio. From day one Gus showed ownership, enthusiasm, and an aggressive desire to learn about our business. Not only did he display his hyper accurate skills of retention and knowledge, but displayed a level of ethics which is not represented by younger generations. I must say, it is quite refreshing.
    His innovative and aggressive tactics on both social media and the community at large have driven my business and brought business from outside my demographic. I will continue to use his services and would encourage anyone to take advantage of this young man’s skill set and knack for planning based on your business needs." 

- Brian Hurst
Local Business Owner

"Motivated. Focused. He is a young man who understands the meaning and purpose of winning. In things both large and small, he puts forth the effort of a champion. You want him on your team because of his unquenchable will to win.
    Augustinas has my highest recommendation when I speak to people about persons with boundless potential and the ability to succeed no matter the obstacle. Simply put, if you want to walk off the field of battle with the championship trophy, he is the kind of guy you secure for your team to ensure that you will experience that moment."

- John Keyes
Multi-Market Program Director

"Very smart and highly motivated individual. His ability to learn and apply what he learns will make him very successful with any opportunity."

- Michael Fields
Director of Operations

"From the moment he stepped into our office, he proved to be hard working and dedicated to learning our business. Augustinas was willing to do whatever we asked of him and by the end, he was well versed in the art/science of TV sales. I would recommend him any day of the week. He is a respectful young man who is willing to put in the time and effort to be great at the task in front of him."

- Brian Cole
Sales Manager

"Augustinas consistently produces exemplary work. He knows how to win the game, never mind whether the score is 20-19 or 20-0. He figures out how to win."

- Dr. William Berry
Associate Department Chair

Augustinas is a very hard worker with a great sense of urgency. He is driven and focused on the right details and is a huge asset on any team!"

- Evann Lee
Account Executive

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At Navickas Consulting, LLC we are proud to manage our customer's projects with transparency and by working alongside them every step of the journey. Our goal is to make you feel satisfied with your return on investment and excited about the new building blocks of your company that our marketing strategies helped to create.

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